Zoraida Martinez
Regional Vice President
Zoraida Martinez was born in La Piedad, Michoacan Mexico, she graduated from Fresno State with a degree in computer engineering. Zoraida is a SHPE Lifetime Member and has been a dedicated member of SHPE for over 12 years! During this time she has served many leaderSHPE roles including: treasurer, vice president and president of the Fresno student chapter, VP of professional development and VP of K-12 for the Fresno professional chapter. Zoraida is a Programmer Analyst I at Foster Farms where she supports, develops and leads technical solutions that enhance the needs of the Sales & Marketing team. She is a certified Advanced Communicator Bronze and Advanced Leadership Bronze from the Toastmaster Foster Farms Roasters club, where she has served as VP of membership, VP of public relations and president. Zoraida is passionate about inspiring individuals to achieve their highest potential, she focuses on providing innovative technical solutions to create a better tomorrow. In her spare time, Zoraida enjoys Latin dancing, Crossfit, hiking, running, swimming and biking.
Vincent Rodriguez
Regional JR. Representative
Vincent Rodriguez-Ruiz is a Central Valley native. He was born and raised in Visalia, CA, and graduated from Fresno State with a degree in Electrical Engineering. Vincent is a Lifetime Member of SHPE and has been actively engaged within the organization over the past 9 years. He has served as President of the SHPE Fresno State Chapter, Regional Student Representative, and is currently the President of the SHPE Fresno Professionals. While Vincent has been the President, the Fresno Professionals have received 2 Blue Chip Awards, and was selected as the 2018 SHPE National Small Chapter of the Year at the SHPE National Conference in Kansas City, OH. Vincent currently works as a Distribution Operations Engineer with Pacific Gas & Electric. As an Operations Engineer Vincent’s main responsibility is to ensure customers receive safe and reliable electric power. This includes providing real time support during storms, fires, or unforeseen emergencies. As a Central Valley native, Vincent is passionate about STEM outreach to rural agricultural communities. He aspires to provide access to tools and resources to communities who do not have a strong focus in STEM. During his free time Vincent enjoys running. He has completed 8 half marathons, and 1 full marathon.
Gustavo Bartolo
Regional Student Representative
Gustavo Bartolo was born in Brentwood but was raised in South East Stockton for most of his life. He is an indigenous Mexican with parents from the Purepecha tribe in Zipiajo, Michoacan. He is currently pursuing a triple bachelors in Engineering Physics, Applied Mathematics, and Electrical Engineering at the University of the Pacific, while expecting to graduate in June. Gustavo has been heavily involved with SHPE and NSBE since his freshman undergrad year as he understands the value in giving to a community that did not have the proper recourses to give to him as a child. Through these organizations he has been able to lead STEM events targeting disadvantaged and often forgotten communities. Gustavo is a strong proponent of individualism and paradoxically helping others develop autonomy- whether organization or person. This is due to his childhood and history of climbing out of poverty and homelessness with those skills. With his undergraduate career coming to an end, he is applying to graduate schools and research institutions with the intention of pursuing a PhD in either Condensed Matter Physics or Applied Mathematics. He is currently on CO-OP with Mission Support and Test Services (MSTS) through the Nevada National Security Site (NNSS) with pass times of studying physics, programming physics simulations, and practicing Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu.
Jorge Romero
Regional Vice Student Representative
Jorge Romero was born in San Diego, CA but was taken to Mexico with his parents after exiting the hospital. He grew up in Tijuana, Baja California until the age of ten which made his first and native language to be Spanish. At the edge of ten, he moved back to San Diego where he learned English within 6 months. Now, Jorge is a Civil Engineering student at the California State University, Chico graduating on May 2019. When Jorge first started his undergraduate program at Chico State, he did not know anyone in Chico and did not have housing. All he had was a goal: to be the first in his family to graduate and obtain a degree. For the first two weeks of his undergraduate program, Jorge was homeless living in his car. It was until the advisors for the SHPE Chapter, Latinos in Technical Careers, at Chico State offered a housing opportunity with other members with the engineering program. Ever since, SHPE played a huge role in his life and would not think about letting SHPE go. Jorge will be joining the Lifetime Members once he graduates in May. Jorge’s goals and passions help him and ones surrounding him to become better. Some Chico State students and faculty look up to Jorge as a role model which helps and motivated Jorge to keep reaching to the top. Helping people succeed is one of Jorge’s most natural instinct. If there is someone in distress Jorge does not think twice to help no matter what the situation is. Besides helping people and engineering, Jorge loves to ballroom dancing which he uses to distress, be socially active, and enjoy himself.
Arturo Lopez
Arturo Lopez was born in Michoacan, and moved to Santa Rosa, CA with his family when he was 8 years old. During his time in high school, he found his interest in STEM and technology, by interacting with tech, and by learning about the field of engineering. He attended community college at Santa Rosa Junior College where he completed his lower division courses in STEM. At community college, Arturo was part of the Puente Program where he learned about tying his values and personal and academic goals to his community. Arturo transferred to UC Santa Cruz as a Computer Science major and is expecting to graduate 2019 with his Bachelor’s degree. He is currently working at the Transfer Center on campus at UC Santa Cruz, where he works with the Cultivamos Excelencia HSI program which is committed to increasing the transfer rate of underserved students from San Jose Community College. He is also working as an Android Developer for a startup in Santa Cruz, Novateur Inc. Arturo also enjoys staying active by playing soccer and working out at the gym.
Santiago Cisneros
Regional Graduate Representative
Santiago was born and raised in Southern Los Angeles. He is currently attending California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo pursuing a master’s degree in Aerospace Engineering with a thesis in Supersonic/Hypersonic Aerodynamics. He currently serves as the Alumni Relations officer for Cal Poly SHPE chapter and continues to be involved with his community back home by giving talks at his high school about Cal Poly to increase enrollment of minorities at California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo. Throughout his undergraduate career, he has participated in programs such as Upward Bound, Cal Poly SLO Summer Bridge Program, and Engineering possibilities in College where he has mentored first generation high school students in their studies and how to apply to colleges, recent first generation high school graduates attending Cal Poly SLO during the fall on notetaking, learning, and social skills that will help them during their college education and professional endeavors, and finally providing high school students with an insight into engineering through a summer camp where students learn about different engineering disciplines through hands on activities and workshops. These experiences as an undergraduate student has instilled a belief of giving back to his community by leaving behind a road so that others can follow and providing guidance to those wishing to leave their mark. Upon graduating, he hopes to one day start a company in hypersonic weapon defense systems and launch vehicles for space insertion while providing mentorship and scholarship programs to students of all demographics especially those from disadvantaged communities. He strives to one day be a SHPE National Leader to give back to the SHPE community that has helped him throughout his undergraduate and graduate education by being a Board Member in hope of promoting community involvement in disadvantaged communities to keep young minds away from gang life and giving them role models to look up to. During his spare time, Santiago spends it weightlifting, learning how to program, reading, writing, and learning how to start and manage a company.
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